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Classically Innovative

~Ceramics and porcelain useable for 1000's of years.~

Our objective is to produce, design, imagine and offer you dishes of such a high quality that in 100, or 1000 years they will be valuable antiques.

With Japanese tradition in mind, we offer modern and contemporary crockery suitable for any scene and cuisine.

We want to develop the most advanced dishes for professionals anywhere in the world and strive to evolve just as cuisine itself does.

This is how we create the surprise on the table, at any given moment, somewhere in the world.


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2498-21,Maruo-hei, Arita-cho
Nishimatuura-gun, Saga-ken JAPAN

TEL +81-955-25-9822
FAX +81-955-25-9853

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For the attention of all customers

Ordering Terms and Conditions

Here at Tashiro Toukiten, we work exclusively on a Make To Order (MTO) basis.
This means that we start making your items after you confirm your order.
Therefore, the time requested from execution to dispatch ranges approximately from 2 to 4weeks.
In addition, certain items require in excess of 4 ~ 6 weeks to produce.
In such cases, we will inform you of the delivery time in advance.
For the above reasons, you will understand that we cannot accept any cancellation of (an) order once payment has been received.
Therefore, please ensure that all details are correct and that delivery time is understood before placing your order.