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Dish for delicacies on three feet. Lines in relief, ash powdered Kobiki with blue glass. 【Set of 10pieces】【For professionals】

This product is a make-to- order production and is sold by sets of 10 pieces each.
(Example: Quantity 1=10 pieces, quantity 2=20 pieces)

However, sets of any quantity over ten (10 pieces or above) are also available.
Please feel free to contact us through the online form or by e-mail for any enquiry.

Even if the products are made in the same kiln, the nuance of colour or the pattern may differ a little. Please note that there may also be slight variations in size or weight.

As is always with handmade pieces (especially in pottery), there will be small differences in size and nuance. These quirks lend to the charm and character of each piece.

This piece comes from the kiln of Houjugama in the remote hills of Yamaguchicho, in Takeo(Saga prefecture). It is a pretty bowl for delicacies with three feet. You can use it as a small bowl.

item code:huj0046
Material: pottery.
Size: φ81×H54(mm)
Dishwasher: ×
Microwave: ×

Retail Price:1=$15 × 10

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