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Privacy Policy (Personal Information protection policy)

Tashiro Toukiten (hereinafter “the Company”) establishes the following personal information protection policy, implementing a security mechanism for protecting personal information, and promotes the protection of personal information by ensuring that all employees are aware of the importance of personal information protection and takes all the necessary measures to protect such information.

Management of personal information

The company manages the personal information entrusted by the user appropriately and carefully and strives to prevent leakage, loss, alteration, etc.
In addition, if you wish to delete your personal information, we will respond accordingly in a prompt fashion.

Use of personal information

The company will only use the personal information provided by the user only to contact them and answer enquiries.
If the use of personal information is required for any other reason, we will contact the user prior to doing so. We will not use personal information without authorisation.

Prohibition of disclosure or provision of personal information to third parties.

We will not provide nor disclose entrusted personal information to third parties except in the following cases;
When we have obtained permission from the user in advance.
When the site is requested to disclose personal information by the law.
When it is necessary in order to protect a person’s life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain permission beforehand from the person in question.
When we are requested to do so by a national institution, local public entity or suchlike in matters that require cooperation, in accordance with the law, that may otherwise cause interference with such affairs, if personal information is withheld.

Security measures for personal information

In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, the company has taken measures that are thorough in security.
Inquiry of identity
If the user would like to inquire about, amend, or delete his/her personal information, we will respond to the user after confirming his/her identity.

Compliance and review of laws and regulations

We will comply with the laws and regulations of Japan, applicable to the personal information we hold, and shall continue to review the contents of this policy appropriately and strive to improve upon them.

Contact Us

For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please contact:
Tashiro Toukiten
844-0023 Saga-ken, Nishi Matsuura-gun, Arita-cho, Maruohei 2498-21
Mail info@tashirotouki.jp
URL https://tashirotouki.jp